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Who We Really Are
GeneticXchange is focused on helping biotech firms reshape the drug discovery process by providing technologies and advanced instruments that produce informaticists’ and researchers’ jobs much more productive and simpler.

FABHow? Through our merchandise that is discoveryHub – strong and robust data integration applications specially built to manage intricacy and the quantity of life science information, which can be distinguished by broadly disparate formats, structures and places. The end result is increased productivity, decreased risk and accelerated time to market for drug discovery initiatives that are essential.


Marketplace Need

Among the greatest challenges in drug discovery and bioinformatics now is integration and information access. This problem is becoming an important bottleneck biotechnology and. companies pharmaceutical to R&D productivity for many The challenge exists because biological data sources are dispersed, complex and heterogeneous in constructions and data types, and are always transforming.

discoveryhubTogether with the unprecedented increase of other forms of scientific data, as well as genomic, proteomic, the challenge is how big volumes of information can be recovered from files, several databases, and devices and then transformed and incorporated mechanically and flexibly. This procedure is crucial for turning information into knowledge – the crown jewel of drug discovery. GeneticXchange uniquely empowers businesses to completely use this precious advantage by giving a robust data integration platform to underpin and thus ease development initiatives and all drug research. IDC research forecasts that 2006 will, $38B spent on IT.

Our Strategy

dna-repair-machineryTo date, bioinformaticists and scientists happen to be forced to give code information integration and access tools so that you can run research and scientific queries. This has impeded the discovery procedure and has created enormous IT inefficiencies. The effect is a limited data that quickly becomes out of date as data sources grow and change.

GeneticXchange architected a solution in the bottom up that supports practically any scientific data sources and provides an open, embeddable architecture, for performance and the greatest flexibility in just about any surroundings. Together with the merchandise that is discoveryHub, their IT support organization as well as scientists get a whole biological data integration platform using a SQL interface that is recognizable.

On the backend, discoveryHub offers a robust engine transforms that efficiently collects, incorporates and loads scientific data from both internal and outside sources in a private and safe way. On the frontend, the discoveryBuilder user interface empowers scientists and researchers to run sophisticated, ad hoc, real time queries against an infinite amount of data sources, immediately.


Exceptional Edges:

  • Pre-built ‘wrappers’ for 60 top biological data sources – including a “test harness” that’s run daily to keep up the integrity of wrappers as data sources change.
  • Wrapper Generator Kit – empowers new sources to be added in an issue of days rather than months or weeks as with hand- coded or options that are competitive.
  • Open systems design – to fit in almost any surroundings and leverage existing technology investments and IT abilities.
  • Capability – deal with complex nested data structures, data that is common in life sciences, as one item therefore it could be readily incorporated into a relational environment, with no need for improved IT performance, for flattening and scalability.
  • DiscoveryHub – supplies the lost ‘informatics platform’ across data sources and all company silos.

Select Customers

We also have strong cooperation using the Universities of Pennsylvania, the $181M European GRID job, as well as a top pharmaceutical company, Georgetown, Stanford, San Diego, Manchester and Singapore.


Key Business Facts

FOUNDED 1998 August
MERCHANDISE HISTORY Development started: 1994
Academic creation: 1995
Commercial creation: 2001
Menlo Park, California
WE SELL firms all over the world who use the technology:-

For inhouse drug discovery

Device sellers who use the technology by removing the data analysis bottleneck to improve device and reagent sales. The obesity trend is growing.

Brian Donnelly CEO

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